Bring Beth and Her Team to Your Area

  1. Inspire yourself and others in your community
  2. Expose your students, co-workers and friends to new teachers and teachings
  3. Celebrate your baby shower, anniversary, birthday, children’s party, or business successes
  4. Supplement your income at your health club, fair, or festival by offering yoga workshops
  5. For Employers, specific workshops can be designed for team building and stress management

What is involved in sponsoring a workshop?

Primarily, hosting a workshop requires enthusiasm and a core group of people who are excited to attend a workshop. No experience in yoga is necessary for attendees. Beth has an association with the Paerdegat Athletic Club in Brooklyn, NY for larger events and parties. Beth will travel for events and corporate retreats outside the New York area.

What support will I receive as a host?

Beth and her team will work with you to create a workshop best suited to the needs of your group. For  public events, and festivals, in addition to the promotion provided by you as the host, workshops will be posted on Beth’s website, Instagram and twitter accounts, and an email blast will go out to any existing local contacts inviting them to attend.

How big are the events?

The event size is up to you from a small group to hundreds. Beth has a team of instructors and assistants that will make your day easy, peaceful and fun.  A workshop generally has a minimum of twenty participants and will go as high as fifty.

How long is an event?

An event can be structured as an hour class, two hour class with guided meditation, half day, evening   class or lecture format depending on the needs and interests of your group. Beth’s team consists of  instructors certified in pre-natal yoga, restorative yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, children’s yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises.

What are the financial arrangements?

Income is divided on a percentage basis between the teacher and the sponsor after a guaranteed minimum is met and all expenses on both sides have been covered. For more detailed information, please email or fill out our contact questionnaire and send it to us!

Events, Parties, Workshops

Event/Party Workshops
Prices depend on duration and number of teachers required. Please fill out the Contact page or call 516-902-5027.
Corporate Workshops
  • Vinyasa Class – $150
  • Half Day Workshops – $400 – $2000
  • Whole Day Workshops – $600-$5000

Children’s Parties

As a certified yoga instructor for children (RCYT) Beth and her team bring tons of fun and new learning to the party! All ages are welcome from four to eighteen, and programming for the event can also be age specific. Games and yoga poses are mixed together with dancing and music and the joy of celebrating a birthday! Party favors such as Yoga Mats, Breath Balloons, Breathing Feathers, drawings, and Mala Beads can also be part of the package.

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